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Release notes: Onion V4.2


Official release notes for Onion V4.2.0

This release features updated core Onion apps, like the Activity Tracker which has been completely reworked, an overhauled and simplified multiplayer experience, upgraded network services for the Miyoo Mini Plus and even more new features, bug fixes and improvements.



Core Onion apps

Activity Tracker

by @Aemiii91, @Sichroteph, @schmurtzm, @nil0bject

The Activity Tracker has undergone a complete overhaul.

Through a huge collaborative effort, we've implemented a new backend, many bugfixes and added new features such as average playtime and play count tracking.

New emulators

ScummVM standalone

by @XK9274 and @schmurtzm

A new and improved standalone version of ScummVM has been added.

The standalone version features an extensive engine list & performance increases to audio in certain engines.

gpSP core improvements

by @schmurtzm

New version of gpSP with major improvements on compatibility and graphical effects.

New TGB Dual core (GB)

by @schmurtzm

TGB Dual is a new GB core in Onion 4.2.0 which allows Netplay and Pokemon Trading thanks to cable link emulation.

New cores added

by @schmurtzm

  • Caprice32: Amstrad - CPC
  • Frodo: Commodore - C64
  • gong: opened rewrite of Pong
  • LowRes NX: game engine in PASCAL
  • Beetle PCE: NEC - PC Engine / SuperGrafx / CD (Beetle PCE)


Logging framework/diagnostics

by @XK9274

A diagnostics framework that allows users to receive scripts from a developer and execute it tweaks, no commandline needed!

Releases with a snapshot feature to create an exported archive of logs you can quickly send to a dev or attach on our Github.

Command line utilities

by @XK9274, @schmurtzm

Many new command line utilites for advanced users / devs : jq, sqlite, wget, curl, rsync, pressMenu2Kill, jpg2png, pngScale...

Network features (MMP-only)

Network services

The Onion network services you know and love have moved! They now live in Tweaks!


by @XK9274, @tGecko

Adds dropbear SSH support to the MMP, utilisating new authentication methods. Enabling SSH will also enable SFTP functionality.


by @XK9274

Telnet re-worked to auto-disable on startup which provides a more secure experience. Telnet is by default disabled in Onion.


by @XK9274, @tGecko, @Aemiii91

Adds Samba support with authentication.

Samba makes it easy to access and manage your stored content on your MMP across various types of devices and operating systems. For Windows and iOS users, built-in Samba apps are available, while Android users can download them from the Play Store.

HTTP Fileserver

by @sa3eedDev, @XK9274, @schmurtzm

Adds a graphically (and feature) rich way to transfer files, run shell commands and manage content. The HTTP fileserver has been incredibly popular in Onion.

Automatic time sync

by @XK9274, @tGecko, @Aemiii91, and @schmurtzm

Need your time to be accurate for in-game time based events? We've got you covered! Sync your device's time with the internet effortlessly! Updates your clock automatically using Wi-Fi. Your time zone is set automatically but can also be changed. Optionally wait for a time sync on boot.


by @XK9274

Basic (pinless) WPS functionality to connect to your WiFi router!

Wi-Fi hotspot

by @XK9274

You can use all of Onions network features on the integrated hotspot, available through Tweaks. It's also compatible with Netplay!


by @schmurtzm - (PR)

Scraper allows you to download game covers. A powerful mix of 3 scraping sources to easily find missing covers. Scraper has been totally refactored since the beta with media selection, region selection, Screenscraper crc scan, faster and more accurate Launchbox scraping ...

OTA update

by @schmurtzm - (PR)

OTA update allows you to update your Onion without even touching your SD card or a computer.

Netplay support

Easy Netplay - GLO Menu

by @schmurtzm - (PR)

Netplay is now directly accessible through GLO.

The GLO Netplay menu brings together Netplay options like Host/Join and Easy Netplay into one location for a more user-friendly experience.

Easy Netplay - Hotspot/Local

by @XK9274, @schmurtzm

Out on the road without a router? No worries, Onion has you covered.

You can play games with friends and family using the built-in hotspot feature. Available in GLO, Easy Netplay will seamlessly setup a session and get you connected!

by @XK9274, @schmurtzm

Using the Easy Netplay framework, we've also added support for Cable link netplay on GBC. This GLO feature allows for Pokémon trading on 1st gen Pokémon games (Red/Blue/Yellow, Gold/Silver) through TGBDual.



With Retroachievements unlock achievements on your favorite classic games. A new way to discover your classical games again !

Fixes and minor improvements

  • Removed the Wi-Fi icons background - allows more customization for theme authors - by @tGecko
  • Fixed a memory leak in installUI that crashed the app when changing slides often - by @tGecko
  • Replacing unzip with 7z in - by @schmurtzm
  • Fixed the "About Device" screen displaying the wrong model number on the MM - by @tGecko
  • Swapped start and select buttons in the game list for consistency with other screens - by @tGecko
  • Fixed a bug in MainUI where sound would play on pressing L1/R1 instead of L2/R2 - by @tGecko
  • Added the option to shutdown the device instantly instead of going to standby - by @tGecko
  • Fixed a bug where multiple languages would not display properly in RetroArch - by @tGecko
  • New shutdown script for proper power-off (less SD card corruption) (PR) - by @schmurtzm
  • Update of GMU music player (PR) - by @schmurtzm
  • New Main UI (Favorite bug fixed, "." mac files are not showed anymore) - by @schmurtzm
  • the red rectangle on low battery has been replaced by a battery logo - by @schmurtzm
  • fix numerous Netplay problems - by @schmurtzm
  • Better looking 6x10 Russian font for RetroArch - by @worthis
  • Moved system settings file to SD card, should fix settings not saving on Boya/V4 devices - by @Aemiii91

RetroArch overlays

Updated/added languages



Download Onion V4.2.3
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