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A Fresh Onion for You!

OS overhaul for Miyoo Mini and Mini+

Windows user? Try Onion Desktop Tools for easy SD card preparation and installation.


Quickly switch between games by the press of a button. Resume where you left off in an instant.

Ports Collection

Our Ports Collection offers a native gaming experience on the Miyoo Mini.


An extensive collection of community-made themes, enabling you to completely change the feel of the device.


We're using our own build of RetroArch, with a custom display driver made for maximum precision and performance.

Activity Tracker

Our built-in activity tracker allows you to keep an eye on your play activity. See your most played games rated on total play time, average play time, and number of play sessions.


Once you've added your vast collection of roms, use our global search function to easily find the game you're looking for.

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